Cuba celebrates its cigars in annual Habanos Festival


It is a cigar lover’s paradise.

And at Cuba’s annual Habanos festival, aficionados have been able to indulge their passion to the full – not only smoking but learning how to make the perfect cigar in special workshops.

Experienced puffers from around the world could show their prowess in a competition for who could create the longest chain of unbroken ash – apparently it improves the taste.

The 18th edition of the Habanos Festival was held in the Cuban capital Havana from February 29 to March 4.

Despite challenging weather conditions for crops, sales of Cuban hand-rolled cigars are said to be on the up
worldwide and a detente in relations with the US has producers eyeing up more profits.

The traditional auction of cigar storage humidors raised hundreds of thousands of euros for the communist-ruled island’s Pubic Health System, in a festival celebrated with music from the likes of Cuba’s own Grammy-winning pianist and composer Chucho Valdés.

2 thoughts on “Cuba celebrates its cigars in annual Habanos Festival

  1. Cuba’s Habanos festival looks like the event of all events for cigar lovers worldwide. The unbroken ash competition is very interesting, and I imagine the participants all have a lot of fun with it, especially at such a large event. Thanks for sharing!

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