Art Exhibition: Luis Alonso and Charles Juhasz in “Entrelíneas”


In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, works by artists Luis Alonso and Charles Juhasz are on view at the Liga de Arte [Art League] in “Entrelíneas.” According to executive director of Lisa de Arte Ivonne Prats, the show will be on view until March 31, 2016. Here are a few translated excerpts from 80grados:

Executive Director of the League, artist Ivonne Prats, says that “The exhibition presents two generations, two visions, two different types of media linked by a common theme, the line,” adding that “Juhasz has created his piece especially for this exhibition and Alonso has gathered for the first time, thanks to collectors of his work, his latest works (up to 2015) in small and medium format.” The well-known Puerto Rican engraver, Luis Alonso, whose artistic incursions hail back from the seventies, addresses the exhibition through ink drawings that mainly referred to the concept of tangles, disorganized lines but very well tied in.

Juhasz Alvarado, who has achieved international prominence since the beginning of his artistic career several decades ago, presents a large format sculptural piece executed wood—as is usual in his work—and stainless steel tubes to point to the importance of the line in the construction of forms. Prats concludes that “These pieces by Alonso and Juhasz interact in their different media and perspective positioning to offer, as the name of the exhibition announces, a space between the lines from which to approach art in general, and, in particular, the work of these two renowned artists.”

For full article in Spanish, see

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