Gallery St. Thomas to Open Aphrodite Show on March 11

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.22.20 AM.png

Gallery St. Thomas will open its new exhibit from 5-8 p.m., Friday March 11. “Through the Years” is a retrospective solo art opening for Aphrodite, a well-known Caribbean artist. The gallery is located in Palm Passage, Downtown Charlotte Amalie.
Some of the paintings for this show, which have never been presented to the public, date back to 1998. Aphrodite has been on an artist’s journey that has taken her from one end of the spectrum of impressionist painting to the other.
Her technique, which used to incorporate layer upon layer of oil paints on the canvas, has gradually taken her to another dimension in her work. Her most recent pieces are done in acrylic. This has forced her to work much faster and with many fewer layers. There is very little room for error, but the results are stunning.
Aphrodite will be on hand to discuss her body of work and her journey through the years.
The show will continue to hang for one month. Please contact the gallery with questions at 777-6363 or e-mail Preview the show on the Web site:

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