This article by Charlie Minato appeared in HalfWheel.com.

After a year hiatus, Davidoff is planning a new Art Edition.The cigar itself won’t be shown off until mid-June when Art Basel – Basel begins, but the art that inspires the cigar will be previewed this week.

Olivia McGilchrist has been chosen as the 2016 artist. At this week’s Moving Art Image Fair in New York City, the artist will preview from many sides, a video that looks at the history of the Caribbean, its people and culture.

“Davidoff is continuously looking for new ways to engage with and support contemporary art,” said Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, ceo of Oettinger Davidoff AG.


“The Limited Art Edition supports the DAI’s mission of familiarizing the international audience with artists from the Caribbean and it helps fund the Davidoff Art Initiative at the same time. Olivia’s video work is a fascinating visual blend of regionally specific elements. Because crafting and blending are the same values at the heart of everything we do, we feel that Davidoff is perfectly matched with this extraordinary artist.”

While details of the cigar have not been announced, it is expected to be limited to 7,000 boxes which will include the art via “carrier media.” In addition, there will be 16 collector’s editions with unique stills.

The cigars are expected to begin shipping in June.

“My recent creative practice is deeply inspired by a longing to reconnect with my birth land as well as the cultural space of the Caribbean,” said McGilchrist. “My education abroad awarded me the opportunity to learn new media technology platforms but I also had access to local art hubs and traditional artistic practices when I returned home to Jamaica. Because of the duality on my experiences, I aspire to create artwork that overturns biographical or social expectations through a Caribbean-centered, multi-media arts practice.”

The Davidoff Art Initiative includes a residency at Altos de Chavón in the Dominican Republic.

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