Let’s Hear Voices of Tomorrow


The Bermuda National Trust looks forward to celebrating Earth Day on April 22 with a new collection of videos about Bermuda’s precious environment made by Bermuda’s students, The Royal Gazette reports.

Inspired by the Bermuda National Trust challenge, students will have brainstormed, researched, interviewed, filmed and presented their views on the environmental impact of our actions and will have put forward recommendations for a greener lifestyle.

Since 1970, Earth Day has gone viral globally. It is now much more than a one-day event or annual environmental wake-up call.

It is a catalyst for ongoing education, action, and change. It simultaneously broadens the base of support and rekindles old commitments through highly participatory strategies. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to the overall good of protecting our environment.

The Bermuda National Trust, along with our sponsor Marshall Diel and Myers Limited, encourages our youth to put modern technologies into play, while they create environmental videos expressing their concerns for today and their vision for tomorrow.

We are inviting all students to participate in this year’s Earth Day Student Video Competition.

They are encouraged to showcase their creativity, innovation and commitment to our natural and cultural heritage as well as to the future of the planet. Students can work individually, as a group, or as part of a science/technology class, to create a two-to-four minute video.

The video should relate to one of the following themes: “Green Power”, “Invasive Species”, “What Does Earth Day Mean to You?”, “Development versus Environment”, “Impact of Global Warming on Bermuda” or “The Value of the Bermuda National Trust Nature Reserves”.

What to think about? Here are a few ideas which might help students choose a topic for their video:

Green Power

Interview a representative of a company working in the green energy industry. Ask him/her which energy sources we could use to reduce carbon emissions. How can we access them in Bermuda? What can you do to reduce energy consumption at home and at school?

Or interview a leading advocate of the environment and ask about his/her opinion of the environmental challenges the island is facing.

Invasive Species

Which are the invasive species of Bermuda? What threats are they posing to our environment? Think about the Lionfish invasion, the growing or expanding population of Kiskadees, the fast-growing balloon vine or the effect of the cedar blight of 70 years ago.

What does Earth Day mean to you? What are the most important topics to think about on this day? How can we diversify and activate the environmental movement on the island?

Development versus Environment

What is the environmental cost of developing the island? What do we lose when we build commercial and residential buildings or change the shore line of the island? Should we allow development on our beaches?

Impact of Global Warming in Bermuda

What are the potential consequences to Bermuda’s shoreline or to the local weather patterns? What can we do to reduce carbon emissions? How will global warming effect our economy?

The value of the Bermuda National Trust Nature Reserves: With 277 acres of land under its management, the Trust provides valuable open space for animals and plants to live and humans to relax and learn.

Think about their role in providing a habitat for migratory birds or endangered species such as the Bermuda skink.

If you are interested please contact the Bermuda National Trust by e-mail education@bnt.bm and browsewww.bnt.bm/education to view videos submitted in previous years. Registration form and guidelines are also available on the webpage.

The deadline for registration is February 19 and the deadline for submittal is April 4.

Submitted videos will be screened at a mini film festival on Earth Day (April 22, 2016), and will be featured through the Bermuda National Trust’s website and local television.

We encourage our youth to participate and Bermuda to listen to the voices of tomorrow, the future environmental stewards of our island home.

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