New Book: Philippe Triay’s “Barbaries”


Philippe Triay, the Martinican journalist for the online site Outre-mer 1ère in Paris, has just published his first collection of poems entitled Barbaries (Éditions du Manguier). This is his second book; in 2015, he published an essay entitled Pour une lecture fanonienne de Césaire, a study of the links between texts by Frantz Fanon and Aimé Césaire. Thomas-Diego Badia writes:

In this collection of thirty-eight poems, the author, who hails from Martinique, shares his feelings, contrasted to a world deserted by poetry. There, he reveals his jubilant pleasure of creating, but also his rejection “the deadly shackles.”

It is a very personal poetry collection that Philippe Triay offers us with Barbaries, published [earlier this month] by Éditions du Manguier. Thirty-eight poems—associated with drawings by painter Romain Ganer—through which the Outre-mer 1ère journalist takes us into his world, simultaneously troubled, violent and sensual. Barbaries is the result of over twenty years of writing. He says, “I had many manuscripts. I sorted them out, selected some, reworked my verses,” before unveiling them.

[Photo above by STÉPHANE WEBER.]

For full article (in French), see

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