Art Exhibition: Arnaldo Roche-Rabell’s “El territorio del alma”


Arnaldo Roche’s solo exhibition, “El territorio del alma,” opened Thursday, February 18, 2016, at 6:00pm at Walter Otero Contemporary Art (402 Constitución Avenue) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The exhibition will be on view until Friday, April 1, 2016.

Arnaldo Roche, renowned Puerto Rican artist, is well known for his self-portraits and the use of frottage in his compelling works. Through the technique of frottage Roche preserves as well as immortalizes the objects and people he depicts in his works. In addition to his distinct rubbings, the color blue has had a strong presence in his work for several years. Parallel to this body of work, Roche has kept the creation of still lifes a constant in his studio practice and for the first time an exhibition will be solely dedicated to this theme.

El territorio del alma features recent work by Arnaldo Roche where the viewer will be able to experience a side of his work not many have seen. Using fragments of dried oil paint and diverse formats, Roche creates his detailed still lifes where the flora, colorful compositions and the three dimensional conveys his energy and enthusiasm for life. Depicting through these elements metaphor that represents what it means to exist, feel and possess a soul.

According to Roche “These still lifes are the result of reconstructing what is loved, including my own soul under the premise that among the debris and rubble of life miracles can happen. This metaphor feeds the soul and harbors enough power to build a country, we all have the right to daydream and paint over a canvas the responsibility of freedom we all have. How lucky are the ones that dramatize the transformation of the soul and depict battles as if the world was not ending today but tomorrow”.

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