Rosario Ferré Passes Away


It is with great sadness that we share the news of Puerto Rican writer Rosario Ferré’s death, at 77, on February 18, 2016.

There will be a wake held today, Saturday, February 20, at 12:00 noon, at Funeraria Puerto Rico Memorial (1712 Avenida Ponce De Leon, Santurce). Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, February 21, at the Sagrado Corazon Church (1308 Avenida Juan Ponce de León). Both ceremonies will be open to the public.

NBC News reports: Rosario Ferré, a noted author who achieved literary success in Spanish and English and who was a noted critic and essayist, died in Puerto Rico at age 77. Ferré’s 1995 novel, “The House on the Lagoon,” was nominated for the prestigious National Book Award. But before she published in English, her work in Spanish – including the short story collection “Papeles de Pandora” and her novel “Maldito Amor,” received wide acclaim. Ferré’s fiction tackled sexism, racism and questions of class and she was also a prolific essayist.

Ana Teresa Toro (El Nuevo Día) writes that “Ferré left a door open in Puerto Rican and universal literature.” The article quotes many who knew her and admired her work, underlining her place in our [island] history and in the history of Latin American literature.

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