Mayor of Port of Spain Raymond Tim Kee Resigns


According to Caribbean 360, Raymond Tim Kee is no longer the Mayor of Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city. He resigned after making controversial comments following the murder of a Japanese pannist, Asami Nagakiya, who visited the twin-island republic for Carnival. See excerpts here and the full article in the link below:

The man who served as his deputy, Kieron Valentine, is the new mayor and will be sworn in soon.

“It was really a sad moment, an uncomfortable feeling to take over the mayorship under such circumstances, but in politics these things do happen and we are all saddened by it,” Valentine told reporters yesterday evening after a meeting of the Port of Spain City Council.

In a statement issued yesterday afternoon after he tendered his resignation to the Chief Executive Officer of the Port of Spain Corporation, Tim Kee said he accepted full responsibility for his comments.

The mayor had been under severe pressure to quit since last Wednesday, when, in response to questions from reporters following the discovery of the 30-year-old’s body in the Queen’s Park Savannah, still clad in a Carnival costume, he reiterated comments he made prior to Carnival about the need for women to maintain their dignity during the festivities and ensure they are not abused.

“Public officials must be held to a high standard of transparency, good governance, and accountability and I accept full responsibility for making the reference that cast a shadow on the death of . . . Nagakiya,” his statement said, continuing with condolences to the deceased’s family, friends and countrymen.

“My patriotism and commitment to making a difference and contributing positively to my beloved country is not diminished by recent events. I express my sincere gratitude to those who trusted me to lead this city. I did my best, and I accept full responsibility for my actions and utterances. To the people of this country who feel they have been let down, I unreservedly apologize.” [. . .]

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