Advanced Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies to Host Inaugural Sylvia Wynter Distinguished Lecture: David Scott on “Michael Manley and Political Will”


On February 26, 2016, Rutgers University will be celebrating the creation of its new Advanced Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies and the launch of a new Distinguished Lecture series named in honor of renowned Caribbean philosopher Sylvia Wynter.

The inaugural Sylvia Wynter Distinguished Lecture—David Scott on “Michael Manley and Political Will”—will take place at 1:30pm at the Alexander Library Teleconference Lecture Hall at Rutgers (The State University of New Jersey).

The new center, which is the product of a larger initiative to foster intellectual diversity and interdisciplinary research, unites students and faculty across the university and is also home to a postdoctoral and visiting scholar programs.

David Scott is professor of anthropology at Columbia University. He is the author of Formations of Ritual: Colonial and Anthropological Discourses on the Sinhala Yaktovil (1994), Refashioning Futures: Criticism after Postcoloniality (1999), Conscripts of Modernity (2004), and the forthcoming Stuart Hall’s Voice: Intimations of an Ethics of Receptive Generosity. He is editor of the journal Small Axe.

His work has been concerned with “the reconceptualization of the way we think the story of the colonial past for the postcolonial present. This has involved a variety of kinds of inquiry (taking the Caribbean as my principal ‘field’ of engagement), into tradition and generations, dialogue and criticism, self-determination and sovereignty, tragedy and temporality, and transitional justice and liberalism.” He is also working on a study of the question of reparations for the historical injustice of New World slavery.

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