St. Lucian filmmaker sets to premiere heritage documentary as part of Independence celebrations


As St. Lucia prepares to celebrate its 37th year of independence, one St. Lucian filmmaker is encouraging all who “love the land the that gave them birth”, to contemplate what it truly means to be St. Lucian.

Mr. Kendal John , an accomplished St. Lucian television and film producer with over 20 years experience , has proven yet again the love he holds for his cherished island home. His newest film release , ‘WHO ARE YOU?’, is a full length documentary focusing on all the elements that combine to give the island its rich cultural and natural heritage.

According to Mr. John, the film will debunk some popular myths and many traditions will be highlighted and their roots explained.

The filmmaker has also challenged St. Lucians to address sensitive matters pertaining to the nation’s patrimony. Issues such as public beach access, development on the Queen’s Chain, illicit artifact trafficking and the waning support to cultural art forms are all put under the lens for inspection.

The UNESCO funded project aims to revisit the ’How To…’ guide to cultural  property management. Mr. John states that he hopes that the film will stir viewers to not only appreciate the island and its traditions more, but that it would drive all St. Lucians to do what they can to preserve their natural and cultural heritage. The film is scheduled to screen at Caribbean Cinemas on Wednesday 17th February at 7:30pm. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children 9 years and under.

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