ArtMattan Films announces new DVD set: “Rastas and Maroons”


ArtMattan Films announces the availability of a new DVD set Rastas and Maroons, which includes The First Rasta (Hélène Lee, 2011) and Aluku Liba, Maroon Again (Nicolas Jolliet, 2009).

THE FIRST RASTA (Directed by Hélène Lee, 2010, 85 min, Jamaica, France, Mauritius)
Thirty years after Bob Marley’s death, it is time to pay tribute to Leonard Percival Howell, The First Rasta. At the beginning of the last century, the young Leonard Percival Howell (1893- 1981) left Jamaica, became a sailor and traveled the world. On his way, he chanced upon all the ideas that stirred his time. From Bolshevism to New Thought, from Gandhi to Anarchism, from Garveyism to psychoanalysis, he sought to find his promised land. With this cocktail of ideas Leonard “Gong” Howell returned to Jamaica and founded Pinnacle, the first Rasta community.

maroonagainALUKU LIBA: MAROON AGAIN (Directed by Nicolas Jolliet, 2009, 90 min, Canada/French Guiana/Suriname): Maroons are free Africans who escaped slavery in the Caribbean, Central, South and North America, and formed independent settlements. “Aluku Liba: Maroon Again” is a rare docu-drama about the Aluku or Boni, a Maroon ethnic group living mainly on the riverbank in Maripasoula, southwest French Guiana. The film follows Loeti who has spent years away from his village in French Guiana, working in extreme conditions. When the army cracks down on illegal gold mining in the Amazon forest, he is forced to flee and must use the skills he learned as a child to survive in the forest. His only hope is to find his way home to his people and reclaim his Maroon past and culture.

This new DVD will be available on March 1, 2016. You may pre-order.

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