Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Montserrat

stPatjpgThe Visit Montserrat site reminds us about Montserrat’s upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations [also see some of our previous posts Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Montserrat!, Montserrat prepares for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations, and St. Patrick’s Day on a Caribbean Island ]:

On the Caribbean island of Montserrat, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations go beyond the “ordinary” custom of wearing the color green and drinking beer at the neighborhood pub. With the distinction of being the only nation in the world, outside of Ireland, to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day as a national holiday, this unique has different festivities in mind as Montserratians shake up St. Patty’s Day, Caribbean-style, by infusing their African and Irish heritage into the yearly celebrations.

[. . .] Residents and visitors alike take part in a week of feasts, costumed parades, concerts, cultural exhibitions to commemorate the planned slave uprising that occurred on the island during St. Patrick’s Day in 1768.  Key activities include national exhibitions showcasing the island’s history, art and literature; “Catch the Mermaid” island-wide treasure hunt; Junior  Calypso Monarch Competition; pub crawl; Freedom Walk and Run; a Heritage Day Feast, offering samples of local traditional foods, such as bush tea, goat water, stewed yard fowl and the “not-to-be-missed” event Leprechaun’s Revenge. Local bars and restaurants also celebrate in the more traditional Irish way by serving Guinness and decorating with shamrocks and plenty of green.

The harp and female figure on the flag and official seal of Montserrat are derived from the Irish heraldry and in the southern region of the island, there is even a village named St. Patrick’s (located in the exclusion zone). Goat water, the national dish made of kid or mutton and spiced with cloves and rum, is believed to hail from the original Emerald Isle. The Irish legacy is present in the folklore, surnames and even the local speech, which is laced with an Irish brogue.

For more information and a complete list of St. Patrick’s Week events, visit www.visitmontserrat.com.

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