Jamaica to Honor Reggae Icon Peter Tosh with a Museum

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A report from Cuba’s news agency Prensa Latina.

Jamaica will open in the summer a museum in recognition of the life and work of the raggae singer Peter Tosh, who, along with Bob Marley, is considered an icon of reggae and illustrious figure of the national culture.

According to the newspaper The Gleaner, the Peter Tosh Museum will be located in this capital and will open its doors to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the launch of its famous song “Legalize It.”

The Museum, for the first time, will display a complete collection of treasured objects of Peter Tosh, as the M16 rifle-shaped guitar and the monocycle he used to move by his homeland.

In the Museum, visitors can also learn about the concerns of the artist through audio and video recordings.

Niambe McIntosh, daughter of the singer, described the opening of the institution as an important step in the preservation of the heritage of Tosh, as it will allow to spread his message of equal rights and justice in the new generations.

Peter Tosh, whose real name was Winston Hubert McIntosh, was one of the stars of reggae and the rastafari movement.

Together with Marley and Bunny Wailer, he formed the world-famous reggae band called The Wailers, and later, he had a successful career as a solo singer.

With his songs, Peter Tosh made his rejection to the use of nuclear weapons and apartheid public all around the world, defended human rights and the struggle for depenalizing marihuana, which is sacred for the rastafari community.

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