HITN Presents Traditional Caribbean Cuisine with Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico


The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN), a Pay TV Network that offers educational content for US Hispanic audiences, kicks off the new year with Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico. Set in stunning locations around the island, the original production features one of the most fascinating aspects of Latin culture: its traditional cuisine, with a uniquely Caribbean twist.

Filmed entirely in Puerto Rico, the program spotlights exotic vistas from across the so-called Island of Enchantment.

“It’s a treat to present audiences with a program in which every episode features scenes of extraordinary natural beauty as well as culinary tips from renowned chefs,” said Florentina Almonte, HITN’s Programming Director.

Each episode of Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico features a special guest chef preparing mouthwatering Puerto Rican dishes and information about different aspects of the island’s culinary heritage, all set against a backdrop of azure Caribbean waters and green mountain scenery.

“Puerto Rico is a great blend! A fusion of history and recipes. Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico is hosted by our top Chefs. The audience will enjoy our Spanish, African, Taino and North American influences through an exquisite flavor of all these cultures which express themselves in our traditional cuisine,” said Francisco Zamora, HITN’s Program Producer. And added: “In each episode the audience will appreciate and fall in love with the wonderful and enchanting views. Definitely, this new series Salsa & Flavors fromPuerto Rico will be a taste of paradise.”

“Puerto Rico’s delicious cuisine is a Caribbean cultural treasure,” Almonte continued.  “It is a legacy that reflects the different cultures that have influenced the island’s history and it remains just as vibrant today, with the power to bring everyone around the family dinner table.”

More than just a typical cooking show, Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico presents historical tidbits about the different ingredients and traditional cooking methods, culminating in the presentation of expertly prepared and seasoned dishes sure to please the most discerning palates, whether tourists or locals.

Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico is a journey for the senses that features breathtaking natural beauty, refreshing tropical drinks and delicacies that capture the island’s vibrant culture, an escape to paradise that will leave viewers wanting more.

For more information about The Hispanic Information and Telecommunication Network (HITN, Inc.), please visit:http://www.hitn.org/en/about-us

What: HITN Presents the Original Production Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico
When: January 17, 2016
Where:  HITN TV – Brooklyn, NY

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