Insightful Romance/Adventure Novel Launched by Dominican Author

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“A Face in the River” is the debut novel by Kristine Simelda, an American-born writer who has lived in Dominica for the past 21 years. Krystal Sutherland is the book’s protagonist. Bored with her conventional job and lifestyle, she visits a wild and beautiful Caribbean island on holiday, and falls in love—first with the place and then with an irresistible local man. But soon the dark side of “paradise” steeped in rum, obeah, and betrayal, casts its shadow on her dream romance.

“I wanted to address the high price of enchantment,” the author explains, “the danger of going out on a limb—and the valuable lessons learned while dangling there.”

Here’s what Polly Pattullo, publisher of Papillote Press had to say about the book: “Gatecrashing a tropical island in the pursuit of happiness is a risky endeavor. That’s what the heroine of A Face in the River discovers in this energetic tale: the plot whizzes along featuring buckets of adventure and romance. The author tells the story with verve, humor and honesty,”

Alick Lazare, author of Pharcel and Kalinago Blood, elaborates: “Kristine Simelda has written a book of such sincerity and purpose that the poignancy of her story is overshadowed by the riveting, no-holds-barred telling of a time spent in search of love and happiness on an island where everything is not always what it seems. A Face in the River is a story told with insouciant honesty that makes the most intimate and lurid romantic episode seem natural and as it should be. The writer has captured the authentic voice and spirit of a Caribbean that not many visitors get to experience, and she has narrated that experience with the same lyrical tone and voice that is so typical of Caribbean expression.”

Ms. Simelda admits that some readers may recognize certain aspects of Dominica in the plot and setting, but says that the story could have taken place anywhere where cross-cultural confusion exists. “A Face in the River is the tale of one woman’s courage as she struggles to find her role in an unfamiliar culture, and her ultimate enlightenment,” she says. “After 20 plus years of island living, I think I, like Krystal, am finally beginning to understand.”

Published by Simelda’s own imprint, River Ridge Press, the book will be launched in Dominica on January 23 at the Romance Café, Mero Beach and is also available at Jay’s Bookstore, Papillote Wilderness Retreat, Kai- K Boutique, and can be ordered and shipped anywhere in the Caribbean from the Visit Dominica Website: or from Amazon in the Kindle format or as a Create Space paperback. The link is:

For further information please contact:

Kristine Simelda, River Ridge Press, E-mail:


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