26th Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe et du Tout-Monde


A post by Peter Jordens.

The Institut du Tout-Monde presents the 26th edition of the Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe et du Tout-Monde, to be held in Guadeloupe from January 20 to 23, 2016.

Since its creation in 1990, the Carbet Prize of the Caribbean is awarded annually to a literary work in Creole or French at the end of a lively cultural week of meetings, lectures, debates, films, concerts and exhibitions. In 2009 the Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe was renamed ‘Prix Carbet Prize de la Caraïbe et du Tout-Monde.’ By choosing this name, the Jury envisioned to “recognize henceforth books as well as comprehensive bodies of work, in all areas of thought, […] and to promote more widely artistic, philosophical, aesthetic and political worldviews […] that can contribute to an improved understanding of the process of creolization. The Jury also meant to extend its gaze beyond Creole and French literary productions, opening the selection to other languages and other imaginaries. The event is organized alternately in Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana and Île-de-France, but the last edition was held in Havana, Cuba (December 2014).

The award ceremony for the 26th Prix Carbet will take place on Friday, January 22 at 7pm at the Mémorial ACTe in Pointe-à-Pitre and is open to the public. Other events include a literary and poetic evening at the home of Guadeloupe writer Simone Schwartz-Bart, a day of interaction between Prix Carbet writers and Guadeloupe students, and a film screening of William Robillard’s Poétique du divers – Édouard Glissant (2015).

The nominated works are:

  • Conceicão Evaristo, L’histoire de Poncia, translated from Brazilian Portuguese by Paula Anacaona and Patrick Louis, Éditions Anacaona, 2015
  • Julien Delmaire, Bogolan, Éditions Le temps des cerises, 2015
  • Miguel Bonnefoy, Le Voyage d’Octavio, Rivages – Venezuela
  • Gerty Dambury, Le rêve de William Alexander Brown, Les éditions du Manguier – Guadeloupe
  • Laurent Gaudé, Danser les Ombres, Actes Sud – France
  • Viktor Lazlo, Les tremblements essentiels, Albin Michel – Martinique
  • James Noël,Cheval de Feu, Ed. Le temps des Cerises – Haiti
  • Emmelie Prophète,Le bout du monde est une fenêtre, Mémoires d’encrier – Haiti
  • Fréderic Régent, Bruno Maillard, Gilda Gonfier,Libres et sans fers, Paroles d’esclaves, Fayard – Martinique, Réunion, Guadeloupe
  • Rodney Saint-Eloi, Je suis la fille du baobab brûlé, Mémoires d’Encrier – Haiti
  • Raimundo Carrero, Ombre sévère, Éditions Anacaona, 2015
  • Kettly Mars Je suis vivant, Mercure de France, 2015
  • Ronald C. Paul, Les enfants des cyclones, Ed. Le Soupirail – Haiti

For the complete announcement (in French), go to http://www.tout-monde.com/prixcarbet2015.html.

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