Garifuna Art and book presentation at Image Factory


The Image Factory hosted a combined children’s cultural book launch and art presentation by Ingrid, Mali and Obi Cayetano on Thursday morning in Belize City, Ingrid Fernandez report for The Reporter

The book, “We are Free”, which according to author Ingrid Cayetano, aims to educate children about their culture and ensure cultural survival, is about the Garifuna culture and paints a story about Garifuna children on an adventure aboard a bird, Duno.

“We are Free” is the second edition of the illustrated cultural book following the first edition, “Wanaragu”. The books focus on the origin of the Garifuna people, tracing the their trajectory from Africa to the Caribbean.

The mixed family of German and Garifuna descendants have spread the title abroad in Germany, through cultural exchange workshops depicting the Garifuna culture.

Mali Cayetano, the illustrator of the children’s book, said the inspiration for her depictions came from the colorful surroundings and vivid cultures in Belize. She seeks to transmit the message of living one’s culture to the fullest and without shame, she explained.

The Cayetano family has approached the Minister of Education Patrick Faber, to incorporate the illustrative and historical books into the education curriculum, adding that Faber has been supportive of the idea and has bought copies of the book.

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