Art review: Two artists explore the tenuous reality of living in Freedman Gallery exhibit


Two Haitian-American artists, a painter and a photographer, show their thoughtful works in “Metaphysic” at Albright College.

Metaphysics: An Exploration of the Temporal World, on view from Nov. 3, 2015 through Jan. 10, 2016.

  • On view in the Main Gallery, Metaphysics: An Exploration of the Temporal World,featuring the works of Haitian-American artists Claes Gabriel and Ocean Morisset, dissects the theories of metaphysics and how individuals and their stories are connected to the physical and supernatural world. The exhibition, guest curated by Florcy Morisset, explores the transcendence of philosophy, science and history by focusing on artwork that captures the intersection of thoughts and the spiritual connections to the larger temporal world. Metaphysics is a celebration of mind, body and energy.


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