Kes makes your “Body Talk”


In Soca News, Natasha Ofosu (based in Trinidad & Tobago) writes about Kes the Band and their new single, “Body Talk,” a fusion of merengue and soca. Sounds great to me!  Check it out here! Ofosu writes:

Collaboration seems to be the name of the game for Kes the Band in the run-up to Trinidad and Tobago’s 2016 Carnival. Having already released the hugely likeable ragga-soca track Unlimited Vibes, which features fellow Trinidadian artist Lyrikal, the band have now taken their campaign to a new level with a fusion of soca and merengue.

The result is Body Talk, an even-tempo dance duet with Chris Hierro, a singer, musician and composer who hails from New York by way of the Dominican Republic. Hierro’s smooth vocals neatly compliment Kees Dieffenthaller’s, as the two segue between Spanish and English lyrics. In much the same way, the merengue and soca melodies flow seamlessly together.

Body Talk has had the thumbs up from various social media platforms, from Latinos, socaholics and neutrals alike, with some predicting mainstream international success. But whilst that accolade may be some way off, right now the tune looks set to be one of the big hits for the annual pre-Lenten festival.

Kes the Band have two other songs – both solo efforts – gaining airplay.People is an impassioned tribute to their supporters, whilst the newest release Carnival Is Here is a full throttle electronic dance music road tune, with synthesised steel pan riffs.

For full article, see

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