CNN names Dominican Rep. world’s best snorkeling destination


The Dominican Republic adds another nod to its reputation this year after CNN named it world’s best snorkeling destination, a rankings that was updated this month for the winter season. 

According to the list, the Dominican Republic, amid oceans of exotic snorkeling locations waiting to be explored, flew the flag for the Caribbean with Silver Bank, one of only a few places in the world where people can swim and snorkel alongside humpback whales.

Silver Bank is in a relatively shallow stretch of the Caribbean Sea, making it off limits to large ships and a safe haven for the North Atlantic humpback whale population to mate and give birth, the article pointed out.

The list was compiled for CNN by Tammy Kwan, a freelance journalist who divides her time between Hong Kong and Vancouver, and it benefitted from the input of several marine experts such as Lee Goldman, marine biologist and snorkeling guide of Coral Triangle Adventures; Jim Sano, vice president of travel, tourism and conservation from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF); and Ted Martens, vice president of marketing and sustainability with Natural Habitat Adventures.

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