Where are your monuments, your battles, martyrs? Where is your tribal memory? Sirs, in that gray vault. The sea. The sea has locked them up. The sea is History.


Jacqueline Smartt, an English as a Second Language Teacher in Queens, New York has just published a children’s book titled The Navigators Travel to Guyana that is geared to kids from ages six and up, Jamaica.com reports.

The Navigators Travel to Guyana is an educational story with a twist. The book gives a taste of what Guyana has to offer to its readers, and it is the follow up to Navigators Travel to Barbados written by Howard Liverpool. This time our intrepid explorers travel to Guyana and learn about the history and geography of the country. They also sample some of the local cuisine and have a scary encounter with a ram sheep.

Descended from a long line of educators, Smartt was born in England to a Jamaican mother, Dorothy Smartt nee Golbourne and a Guyanese father, Loris Smartt. She grew up in Guyana where she attended, Timehri Government School, St. Angela’s RC, Henry’s Under 12 and The Bishops’ High School – she is a proud member of Allen House. She has worked as an intern for the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, a reporter for Caribwaves.com and was the co-host on the Immigration and Caribbean Explosion program on WVIP, 93.5 FM with Brian Figeroux. She is also an amateur photographer who loves capturing memories with her camera.

Growing up in Guyana she traveled the country extensively with her parents and siblings – Caroline and Sandra Smartt. She has incorporated some of her own experiences into the story, Navigators Travel to Guyana, which is a quick tour through a country that is still a mystery to most of the outside world. It’s vast rain forest and pristine hinterlands make it an exciting place to visit as there are still lots to discover. The Navigators Travel to Guyana is available on Amazon.com in both book form and for Kindle.

For the original report go to http://jamaicans.com/new-kids-book-offers-an-educational-story-with-a-twist/#ixzz3vD5QiUQ9

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