Ras Kronik reflecting on “The Way to Life”


In view of the violence he observes at a global scale, Ras Kronik re-releases “The Way to Life,” a song he first recorded in 2010. The song was produced by Patrick Anthony, who is also producing Kronik’s second album, Wild and Free.

It was another turbulent year internationally. Terrorist shootings in France and tension throughout the Middle East were among 2015’s major developments.

That instability pushed singer Ras Kronik to release The Way to Life, a song he recorded in 2010. “It has been inspired by the day to day activity, of how some people living in the world, the everyday killing and the war against one another,” the Las Vegas-based artiste told the OBSERVER ONLINE. The Way to Life is produced by Patrick Anthony, a trumpeter who toured with British super group UB40 for over 10 years.

According to Ras Kronik, a Clarendon native, the song is even more relevant today. “I would love it to be heard everywhere throughout the world,” he said.

Anthony, who played with UB40 during their heyday of the 1980s, is also producing Wild and Free, Ras Kronik’s second album. That set is expected to be released in early 2016.

His first album, The Real Thing Remix, came out in 2013. [. . .]

Listen to the song here: 

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