Puerto Rican Film “30 Days with My Brother” to be Distributed


The new independent film “30 Days with My Brother” has been acquired for distribution, Francisco Salazar reports for the Latin Post.

AMC Independent has announced that it will release the Puerto Rican film for distribution and that it is slated for 2016.

“30 Days With My Brother” stars Omar Mora as well as Stefy Garcia, Evelyn Michelle, Amy Schloerb and Enrique Fosse and tells the story of two brothers who are forced to confront their past, themselves and try to restore their relationship.

The film was written Omar Mora and produced by Moras Productions and M&F Entertainment.

The deal is another demonstration of the strength of Latino film being released and distributed in the U.S. This past year alone saw many high profile Latino films acquired for distribution including “The Club,” “El Clan,” “Desde Alla,” “Embrace of the Serpent,” “The Second Mother” and “The Peal Button.” All of these films had premieres at festivals and won major prizes before going to theatrical releases.

“30 Days with My Brother” is one of the few Puerto Rican films that will get a high profile release and shows the growing Latin American presence. AMC Independent has been dedicated to showing independent films throughout the year including AMC-exclusive releases. The theater chain, which has released many blockbusters wants to re-engage its audience and build awareness for Independent cinema.

Director May has previously helmed short films including “Dear Hollywood” and “Entity’ as well as TV series “Consequences.” The director has also produced multiple shorts and has also served as an actor on many films.

Meanwhile, actor and writer Mora is also coincidentally a doctor in real life and has also worked on multiple shorts and feature films.

Currently being distributed in Puerto Rico by Caribbean Cinemas, the film was directed by Michael May and will be released in 2016.

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