Capturing the Beauty of the Natural World


Nadia Hall writes about a collection of Bermuda photographs now on display at the Bermuda Society of Art. The exhibit will run until December 8 in the Edinburgh Gallery at 17 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda.

While nature photographer Chris Burville prefers not to manipulate his photographs, you can expect to see his unique perspective in the works. He admits he will use digital tools for basic colour and contrast of the images but said: “I don’t ever change the reality of the image. I like to keep them to journalistic standards.”

[. . .] Those familiar with his work will recognise his signature underwater scenes and night photography. “I’m always looking for something unique. That’s why I first started doing the night-time stuff, the long exposures with a tripod, I was always looking for uncommon subjects.”

When asked about his aerial photography, he preferred not to reveal his secrets in capturing the soaring perspective. [. . .]

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