Nivelosky Releases New Dance Single “Suelta”

NIVELOSKY_zpsdpqddsdrS. McCauley (for Music Talkers) recently reported on “Suelta,” a new hit single by Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Nivelosky. Nivelosky, whose real name is Felipe J. Ortiz and is also known as Nivel, was raised in Puerto Rico, St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands), and Washington.

The singer and songwriter of dance and reggaeton music known internationally as Nivelosky has released his latest single, “Suelta.” The track has been proudly published on the Direct Supply Records independent music label. Upbeat, pulsing, full of ritmo Latino and Caribbean soul, “Suelta” is a dance track picking up speed in North, South and Central American nightclubs and beyond.

Nivelosky (often simply billed as Nivel) cites as main artistic influences fellow Puerto Rican reggaeton musicians such as Daddy Yankee and Yandle, as well as puertorriqueño rappers including popular Miami-born performer Pit Bull. Nivelosky’s own sound takes some of the most effective traits of music by these artists and uses them to make the new, fresh style for which he has become known.

Asked to comment on the overall themes of his “Suelta” single, Nivel says that the idea is to “party, dance, to have good times and to let loose.” ‘Suelta’ is the Spanish word for sweat.

“Suelta” is not the first official release from Nivelosky to achieve global distribution. It is preceded by his seasonal reggaeton single, “A Reggaeton Christmas,” which appeared on Direct Supply Records’ “That Time of Year” EP in 2013. His most prominent work before that was as a featured artist on Skee-lo’s Grammy-nominated “Club Song” single one year earlier. [. . .]

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