Princess Angela of Liechtenstein offers travel advice on her native Panama


The World of Arin blog has posted travel advice from Princess Angela of Liechtesntein, a friend of the blogger.

Here are some excerpts. You can find the original report and additional photos here.

What would be your perfect day in Panama City?

A perfect day in Panama City would be to wake up at my parent’s house in the morning and have a casual chat with my mother over a freshly brewed cup of Panamanian coffee. I would then meet my friend Laura, who would take me shopping. I especially like to visit some of the local artisan shops.

What would be your ideal outfit for the day?

It is hot in Panama, so normally I would wear white jeans, easy tops, lots of colorful bangles and necklaces, sandals or my Panamanian mola ballerinas. If I am on the coast, I love to wear flowing kaftans and beach dresses, with lots of prints, embroidery, and colors.

Where would you have dinner and what dish would your order?

My favorite place to have dinner is at Manolo Caracol in the old town, where chef Andrés Morataya uses local, organic ingredients. My favorite dishes are the sea bass carpaccio with hibiscus powder and lime zest or the zucchini flowers stuffed with mushrooms, green onions, goat cheese, and leeks.


What attraction would you visit?

In Panama City I would visit the Museum of Biodiversity designed by Frank Gehry. The museum was created to tell the origin of the Isthmus and its significant impact on the planet’s biodiversity. It is really fascinating.

. . .

What’s your favorite neighborhood in the city?

My favorite area is the Casco Viejo (the old town). The city was built in the 1600s and is on a peninsula by the sea. I love strolling its cobbled streets looking at the old architecture. It is also a cool place with great restaurants, artisan shops, old ruins and Latin jazz clubs.


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