Art Exhibition: Iván Capote’s “Verbum I” 

IvanCapote-NoMoreWords2014 (1)

Iván Capote’s “Verbum I” is on view through January 15 at Galería Habana. The gallery is located at Línea 460 (between Avenues E and F) in Havana, Cuba.

Description: Verbum I was one of several shows that kicked off the winter season with an opening earlier this month. Continuing his exploration of words as both ideas and concrete objects, Capote’s show includes sculptures, installations, and watercolor drawings and sketches.


Biography (from Julie M. Gallery, Toronto): Iván Capote is part of a daring generation of Cuban artists that emerged in the late 90s and contributed to reshape the contemporary art scene in the island. Capote quickly established himself as one of the most exciting and talented Cuban artists from his generation. His work, deeply marked by the use of text as a way to conduct his artistic discourse, often explores the relationship between the artwork and the audience. His minimalistic approach to sculpture and installation impregnates his pieces with a sense of honesty that allows us to focus on the conceptual connotations and true meanings behind ubiquitous words or objects. Capote’s work references the turbulent economic and political reality of his country, however it finds deeper resonance and universal significance in the way in which it reflects on human issues and concerns.

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See more about Capote’s work at!capote/cei2

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