Art Exhibition: Glenda León and Diana Fonseca’s “La razón de lo irreal”


“La razón de lo irreal” [The reason of/for the unreal], a double show by Glenda León and Diana Fonseca, opened on November 12 at Galería Villa Manuela and will be on view until December 11, 2015. The gallery is located at No. 406 H Street (between 17th and 19th) in Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

According to Cuban Art News, “the artists share a lyrical view of the unreality that lies beneath the surface of everyday life and objects, reflected in the exhibition’s installations, ready-mades, photographs, and videos.”

Description: The poetics of both creators share the idea of appearance and subversion in everyday objects. Their work aims to redirect everyday reality towards supposedly unreal states, but charged with consistent, reasonable and perfectly tangible meanings. The exhibition consists of ready-made objects, installations, photographs and videos. Their pieces present a lyrical appeal, supported by titles inspired by haikus and the re-construction and hybridization of objects of improbable existence.

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