Popular Cuban artist visits D’Iberville school to inspire art students


Art students at D’Iberville Middle School have been studying the works of well-known Cuban artist, Inti Alvarez. On Friday, they got a chance to meet the Alvarez in person, Trang Pham-Bui reports for WLOX.

Art teacher Danea Israel met Alvarez in Cuba over the summer and toured his gallery in Havana. With the Peter Anderson Festivalcoming up, Israel invited the artist to visit South Mississippi.

“I was inspired not just with his artwork, but you can see the emotions that are portrayed in his artwork. I just want my students to see that and to actually meet the artist that inspired me so much,” said Israel.

Speaking in Spanish, Alvarez explained to a group of students the inspiration behind his vibrant creations.

“It’s very rare that somebody from somewhere else, that you’ve never really met, or speaks another language, who’s famous where he’s at,” said Jaliyah Snaer. “It’s really nice, because it’s a once in a lifetime thing.”

Alvarez is known in Cuba for his collection of 25 paintings titled “Women in Blue Faces”. The professional artist owns a gallery in Havana and his paintings are displayed in Paris.

Alvarez is also a celebrity in the eyes of the young artists at D’Iberville Middle School.

“It was amazing, because I love art. He inspires me a lot, because he doesn’t even look at any other thing. He gets an idea out of his head and he uses color to show expressions,” said Alexis Schmachtenberger.

As a thank you gift to Alvarez, the students recreated one of his popular paintings.

“I learned from him that you can make our own style and colors and everything, and just be unique,” said Jaliyah.

Alvarez also toured MGM Park in Biloxi Friday and will have the opportunity to experience art from South Mississippi when he attends the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs.

For the original report go to http://www.wdam.com/story/30459119/popular-cuban-artist-visits-diberville-school-to-inspire-art-students

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