New Book: Rosario Ferré’s “Memoir”


Great news: Rosario Ferré’s “Memoir”—translated from the Spanish original by Suzanne Hintz and Benigno Trigo—has just been published by Rowman and Littlefield/Bucknell University Press. Cover art features Puerto Rican artist Myrna Baez’s “Nude in Front of a Mirror” (1980). [Can’t wait to share this title with my students in the Latin American Women Writers course!]

Description: Memoir is Rosario Ferré’s account of her life both as a writer and as a member of a family at the center of the economic and political history of Puerto Rico during the American Century, one hundred years of territorial “non-incorporation” into the United States. The autobiography tells the story of Ferré’s transformation from the daughter of a privileged family into a celebrated novelist, poet, and essayist concerned with the welfare of Puerto Ricans, and with the difficulties of being a woman in Puerto Rican society. It is a snapshot of twentieth-century Puerto Rico through the lens of a writer profoundly aware of her social position. It is a picture taken from the perspective of a keen observer of the local history of the island, and of the history of the United States. Included are many photographs that connect Ferré’s life with the story of her writing career.

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