Island-Themed Socks Set to Launch in Bermuda


‘Pum Pum Socks’ – co-founded by Bermuda’s Gemma Shane – is getting set to launch on the island, with an event held at Urban Cottage on October 23, serving as an introduction to the island, BerNews reports.

Ms. Shane, who is also the Managing Director of Pum Pum Socks, said, “Pum Pum Socks is a tongue in cheek, female empowerment brand; we love diversity and believe each of our socks represents a different style tribe.”

“Pum Pum Socks have been seen on Rihanna, Lana del Rey, Rita Ora, Azealia Banks as well as bloggers such as The Beckerman Twins and Susie Bubble.

“We have been written about and featured on the pages of ID, Nylon, Vogue [UK and Japan], Suitcase, Saint Heron, Rollacoaster, Galore, The Fader, Large up, Grazia, and Refinery 29.”

“Our stockists include Browns Focus, Vfiles, Urban Outfitters and Gnossem, but I am so excited to have a presence here at home.”

“Pum Pum Socks will be going into store at Urban Cottage with a launch event on the 23rd of October. I want to welcome the Bermuda community to the event, which will feature the socks and showcase a collaboration I have put together with some amazing talents from home.”

“I am working with Avarie Graham, an amazing local graphic designer, on the visuals and photography of the shoot showing the socks from our Bermudian perspective. Lara D Smith is also creating a fashion film, which will be premiered and projected at the event, we would love people to come to see it.”

According to Ms. Shane, the shoot included work from a number of people alongside Ms. Graham and Ms. Smith, including Kira Swan on hair, Shakirah Brangman on nails, James Lee on make up, and Ms. Shane herself on art direction and styling, while clothes were loaned by Orange Bay Company.


On the brand’s beginnings, Ms. Shane told Bernews, “I reconnected with my now business partner Savannah Baker on a shoot in London. She is an amazing stylist and had been hand making our signature lacy socks for herself and styling them on celebrities.

“We immediately recognised we each had skills that complimented each other, and wanted to spread the island girl love, Savannah being from Jamaica and myself being from Bermuda, and hence ‘Pum Pum Socks’ was born.”

“Although we have started with socks to gain brand awareness there are more products in the pipeline such as jewellery and plans for the future.”

For more information about the Pum Pum Socks brand, visit the official website.

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