New Book–Grenada: Revolution and Invasion


Grenada: Revolution and Invasion

Edited by: Patsy Lewis, Gary Williams and Peter Clegg

Description: Grenada: Revolution and Invasion is a wide-ranging collection of essays by academics in the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and the United States, each with a unique perspective on the revolution and its effects.

“The Grenada events of 1979–1983, especially the revolution’s tragic demise, brought the country to the world stage. Since then, Grenada has retreated to its place as a small state, with little significance in shaping the global political and economic landscape within which small states operate. Nevertheless, powerful resonances remain, in the island, regionally and internationally. This volume seeks both to remind us of the tumultuous past, drawing lessons for the present generation, and to begin to suggest possible political approaches for the near, if inevitably uncertain, future.”

—From the editors’ introduction

“The work [includes] a number of well-researched articles about key issues related to the revolutionary period and its aftermath. These include argued discussions on the role of women and the press, the legitimacy of the American invasion and an insight into the contemporary political situation in Grenada. . . .The articles are well written and the scholarship is sound. . . . The work includes articles by some of the leading scholars of the

Grenadian revolution and compares favourably with other books on the subject.”

—Bruce Paddington, Lecturer, Film Programme, University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

CONTRIBUTORS: Robert Beck, Peter Clegg, Merle Collins, John Cotman, Wendy C. Grenade, Richard Hart, Laurie Lambert, Patsy Lewis, Jermaine McCalpin, Nicole Phillip-Dowe, Sir Shridath “Sonny” Ramphal, Howard Tumber, Gary Williams

PATSY LEWIS is Professor, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. Her publications include Surviving Small Size: Regional Integration in Caribbean Ministates and Social Policies in Grenada.

GARY WILLIAMS is Research Development Manager, University of Essex, United Kingdom. His publications include US–Grenada Relations: Revolution and Intervention in the Backyard.

PETER CLEGG is Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of the West of England, United Kingdom. His publications include Governance in the Non-independent Caribbean: Challenges and Opportunities in the Twenty-First Century (with E. Pantojas-Garcìa).

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One thought on “New Book–Grenada: Revolution and Invasion

  1. hallo,
    i am the artist that made the..
    piece that was used for this book cover. i gave suelin the permission for you to use it… that part is ok.
    i do not feel very happy about that you cut off an important piece of my artwork to fit your layout. nobody ever can do this in the art world.. !. i do not see my name in the review, did you mention a credit in the publication ?
    please send me a sample of your edition. thank you
    i wish you success with this new book.

    lilo nido

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