Laventille film wins People’s Choice Award


City on the Hill, a premiere at this year’s Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, entranced audiences with its uncommon perspective of the built and cultural heritage of East Port of Spain, going on to earn the People’s Choice Award for Short Film, Trinidad’s Express reports.

City on the Hill was commissioned by the project “Leveraging Built and Cultural Heritage of East Port of Spain”, and funded by the Research and Development Impact Fund, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, 2015.

Co-Directors Professor Patricia Mohammed and Michael Mooleedhar expressed their gratitude to all involved in the creation of City on the Hill and their appreciation for the public’s warm reaction to the film, noting that it had struck a nationalistic chord of pride in many viewers. “We have received wonderful feedback from viewers who felt that the film offered them a window into a world that is often misunderstood,” said Mooleedhar. “It is extremely gratifying that our film connected with audiences and that it has achieved a measure of exposure for the rich cultural aspects of Laventille which are so worthy of our celebration.”

For the Directors, City on the Hill was intended to hold up a lens to the creative spirit of Laventille which continues to be an integral facet of Trinidad and Tobago’s developmental composition. The film featured interviews with spiritual and creative leaders of the area, with insight into the historical elements of Laventille delivered with lyrical presentations including Wendell Manwarren of 3 Canal’s moving rendition of the poetry and prose of Trinidadian cultural luminaries Earl Lovelace and Wayne Brown, as well as Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott.

Professor Mohammed remarked that the film’s People’s Choice win signified that audiences are keen to make deeper connections with rarely-explored parts of their homeland. “The film’s success makes it evident that local viewers are highly interested in learning about the different elements that comprise the tapestry of Trinidad and Tobago. Winning the People’s Choice Award is a testament to the immense value and fascinatingly complex nature of East Port of Spain.”

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2 thoughts on “Laventille film wins People’s Choice Award

    1. It’s with profound delight reading comments made about Laventille, regretting not possible to view “City on the hill” which to me is an apt title. Living inEurope hope it will be shown here recently eventually

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