Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony—La Musa Awards


Billboard’s Leila Cobo reports that the third annual Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony—or La Musa Awards—held at the Fillmore Miami Beach on October 15, was an eclectic affair, honoring all styles and origins of Latin music. The event featured Rita Moreno, who sang a Spanish version of “There’s a Place for Us,” and performances by Hall of Fame inductees like Myriam Hernandez, Alvaro Torres and Diego Torres as well as by special honorees Fonseca, Alejandra Guzmán, Beto Cuevas and Café Tacuba, among others.

The Oct. 15 gala was lengthy but well-run under the direction of Broadway producer Richard Jay Alexander, with performances accompanied by the Miami Symphony Orchestra. It was the kind of big-picture touch that unified a very broad range of honorees and performers under similar sensibility.

[. . .] Indeed, the evening wasn’t limited to Latin names, but — as has been the case from the onset—included many in the mainstream who have deep connections with Latin music and its makers. Quincy Jones, for example, received the Desi Arnaz Pioneer Award, John LoFrumento received the Founders Award, and Emilio Estefan was inducted into the Hall of Fame—and serenaded by wife Gloria, who sang “Con los años que me quedan.”

In a finishing flourish, the “Towering Song” award went to “Guantanamera,” written by Joseíto Fernandez, allowing for a vibrant performance that brought together new and established artists on stage. [. . .]

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