Derek Walcott honored by Brazilian Academy of Letters


On Saturday September 26th, during a ceremony at the residence of the Brazilian Ambassador, Mr. Sergio Couri, the Honorable Derek Walcott, Nobel laureate 1992, was inducted as an honorary member of the Academy of Letters of Brasilia.

He was decorated by representative of the Academy Marco Coiatelli, who came to St. Lucia for the occasion.

The Ambassador Mr. Couri, himself a poet, addressed the gathering. Mr. Walcott also made a few remarks.

Among the guests were the Hon. Lorne Theophilus, Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries and Mrs. Theophilus, Dr. and Mrs. Winston Parris, several members of the diplomatic corps and a number of local writers.

Mr. Walcott’s latest publication is “The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013, selected by Glyn Maxwell.

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