Art Exhibition: Scherezade García’s “Súper Trópico”


Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery presents the new solo show by Dominican artist based in New York, Scherezade García (n. 1966), with the name “Súper Trópico.” The opening will take place Thursday, October 15, 2015, in the Gallery, located at Torre Piantini (Suite 1 & 2 A) in Santo Domingo., Dominican Republic.

Description: The artist defines it in her own words: “This new group of paintings and drawings named ‘Super Tropic’ is part of the series ‘Theories of Freedom’ a work based on the contemporary conception (and always) for the exercise and diverse universe of what we call freedom. In ‘Super Tropic’ I let myself be seduced again by the sea that surrounds us. The sea always provokes my imagination and with its ‘sway’ is the map of stories about freedom and slavery. The color, the contradictions, extreme sun, the new race, the roots of the American experience are the essence of my stories. The new race thus creates a new aesthetic with new parameters and rules appropriating and transforming values. ‘Super Tropic’ leads me to paint again and becomes a love note to my world and colorful floating ends.”

Scherezade García is an interdisciplinary artist, dedicated to explore the immigrant’s quest for finding home. Her artwork’s origin is the island where she was born, but her own migration meant changes appreciated in the way she builds her images; using various layers of light and objects in overlapped transparencies. This is migration as aesthetic proposal, inspired at large by her interaction with the Dominicans who have made New York City her home.

Galería Lyle O. Reitzel (Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Torre Piantini Suite 1 & 2 A, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) may be contacted by phone at Tel. +1 (809) 2278361 or; also see

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