Call for Papers: Short Fiction in Theory and Practice (2016) Special Issue


Here is a Call for Papers for a special issue of Short Fiction in Theory and Practice. The special issue will focus on Short Fiction by Caribbean Women Writers: New Voices, Emerging Perspectives The submission deadline is November 1, 2015. [Many thanks to Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín for bringing this item to our attention.]

Description: As most critics and practitioners of the short fiction in the Caribbean argued, the short story is the foundational form of Caribbean literature. Widely published in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century newspapers, magazines and journals, the short story in this period was the form used by writers to practice their literary craft. Short fiction also provided a forum to engage a wide and not necessarily literary audience with social and political issues, concerns about the nation and the demands for a national culture. Short fiction continues to be a popular literary form in the Caribbean, now used to express the ambiguities and complexities of contemporary regional realities and to provide a forum for experimentation and innovation.

Though often marginalised, Caribbean women have always participated as writers and critics of this cultural form. This Special Issue seeks to bring together scholars and practitioners of the short story form in order to draw critical attention to new or hitherto marginalised short fiction writers and to provide new perspectives on Caribbean women’s short fiction.

While all submissions are peer-reviewed, we aim to be inclusive. Contributions are welcome from individuals who do not consider themselves academics, and may take the form of personal commentaries, reflections, interviews and reviews, as well as conventional academic essays. We are pleased to consider proposals from those publishing or promoting the short story, as well as from short-story writers.

Guidelines: “Short Fiction by Caribbean Women Writers: New Voices, Emerging Perspectives”

The editors welcome articles of 4,000 – 8,000 words (including notes and references); possible themes include: New writers/new writing; short fiction in translation; critical reception, prizes and public acclaim; disruptive, subversive short story forms; Short fiction in cyberspace; publishers and publishing; orality and oral story-telling forms; lost or hidden voices; Caribbean minorities; short fiction as popular culture; Indo-Caribbean women writers; crime fiction as short fiction; transcultural connections; short fiction in comparison: geographies, cultures, languages and historical period; gender and sexual identities; and short story cycles and sequences.

The editors will also consider original creative work by Caribbean women writers, interviews with writers, and translations of short fiction not previously published in English. Please contact the editor in the first instance, with proposals for translations, interviews or creative work.

Suzanne Scafe, Department of Culture, Writing and Performance (

London South Bank University

103, Borough Road

London SE1 OAA

Aisha Spencer, School of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Education (

UWI, Mona, Kingston 7 Jamaica

Language: All papers should be submitted in English (see ‘Notes for Contributors’).

Addresses: Authors’ full postal and email addresses must be supplied.

Contributors should use the Harvard Referencing system for citations.

Notes should be kept to a minimum. Please use endnotes, rather than footnotes. All references cited, and only these, should be listed under the heading References. As an author, you are required to secure permission if you want to reproduce any figure, table, or extract from the text of another source. This applies to direct reproduction as well as “derivative reproduction” (where you have created a new figure or table which derives substantially from a copyrighted source). For further information and FAQs, please see ‘Notes for Contributors’ pdf at

Articles should be submitted on disc or by email attachment (as a Word document) to either of the editors (details below).

Also visit,id=196/

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