Jamaica Environment Trust says “Turtle Meat Myth is Nonsense”


Executive Director of the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) Diana McCaulay says the men who believe that the consumption of turtle meat and eggs will boost their sex drive are willfully ignorant. She also reminds everyone that is a breach of the Wildlife Protection Act to capture, harm or a kill a turtle.

Ms. McCaulay was reacting to a video, captured in Alligator Pond, Manchester, where men were seen slaughtering a Hawksbill turtle for its meat. The video was captured by an American tourist who was walking along a beach. Ms. McCaulay described the video as sickening, saying it is close to being the worst thing she has seen in her adult life.

There’s a long held belief that turtle meat and eggs enhances the male libido and makes a man more potent. Ms McCaulay says this foolish belief must be eradicated.

In the video, a dreadlocks wearing man and an accomplice are seen using a knife to sever the head of the turtle. A small child can be seen begging the men not to kill the creature and even attempted to shove one of the men away. But the men ignore the child.

It’s a breach of the Wildlife Protection Act to capture, harm or a kill a turtle.

For original article, see http://nationwideradiojm.com/turtle-meat-myth-is-nonsense-mccaulay/

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