Chiricú Journal: Call for Submission

Chiricu Journal

The Latino Studies Program at Indiana University is pleased to announce its partnership with the Indiana University Press in launching a new journal dedicated to Latina/o Humanities: Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures

Our inaugural Fall 2016 issue will showcase Latina/o film. We invite submissions of scholarly articles, director and actor interviews, creative essays and poetry, and artwork (photos, illustrations, posters) relating to any aspect of Latina/o film. Topics may include (but are not limited to) cinematic history, production, audience reception, and filmic representation of identity, transnational lives, race, gender, and sexuality.

Founded in 1976 simply as Chiricú by the late Chicano scholar Dr. Luis Dávila and IU graduate students, the journal quickly became a space for the creative and critical work of Latina/o poets, authors, and artists. Its pages included early writing by Sandra Cisneros and Norma Alarcón, as well as rare interviews with Jorge Luis Borges and Edward James Olmos. Published at a time when there were few academic sites for Latina/o cultural expression, Chiricú spoke to the wide-ranging experiences of U.S. Latinas/os. Hence the title: “Chi” for Chicanos, “Ri” for puertorriqueños, and “Cú” for cubanos.

Retitled and reconstituted as a peer-reviewed, biannual, online and print-on-demand publication, Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures remains committed to disseminating and examining Latina/o cultural production in all its complexity. In its new form, Chiricú Journal will feature both creative work and critical scholarship. With an eye toward hemispheric flows of culture and ideas, we accept submissions in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Deadline for the Fall 2016 issue on Latina/o film is December 1, 2015. View the Call for Submissions and Guidelines at our website:

Contact John Nieto-Phillips (Editor) and/or Amanda M. Smith (Associate Editor) at

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