Trinidadian poet Anson Gonzalez has died


Highly respected Trinidadian poet and editor Anson Gonzalez, a key figure in the Caribbean poetry movement of the 1960s and 70s has died.

A couple of years ago, he sat down for an interview with Marissa Williams, where he summarized his thoughts on poetry this:

‘Poetry was part of the awakening of the Caribbean people….it was a rejection of the English domination.’ These powerful words by Caribbean poet, Michael Smith, can easily be lost on our current ‘fast food’ generation. We have become a society that seems to reject beautifully crafted prose and lyrics in lieu of attention grabbing headlines and one paragraph sensationalized stories and pictures. Our voracious informational appetites has us almost addicted to ‘Google’ searches and social media outlets, spending more time skimming headlines and pictures and less time appreciating and digesting well written prose and poetry. But, Michael Smith’s words remind us that poetry has played a fundamental role in shaping the Caribbean cultural identity. It is the foundation from which a lot of our cultural expression was born including our music, and, it was used as a powerful tool to ensure that Caribbean people had a strong voice at a time when we were at the brink of being buried under the influence of our colonizers.

For the entire interview with this remarkable poet and man go to

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