Film starring Daddy Yankee tops showing of Puerto Rican movies


The movie “Talento de Barrio” starring reggaeton idol Daddy Yankee tops the list of movies to be screened between Sept. 11-13 at the 2nd Sample of Puerto Rican Cinema in Mayaguez, a municipality on the west end of the island, SPaish news agency EFE reports.

The announcement came Friday in a press release issued by organizers of the event, to be held at the Yaguez Theater and which will also include five other Puerto Rican films – “El Clown,” “El Cimarron,” “Las Vacas con Gafas,” “Cayo” and “Party Time.”

“This young but promising film event gathers together an excellent sample of the recent crop of Puerto Rican movies, the product of dedicated efforts by a new generation of talented filmmakers committed to leaving their mark on Puerto Rico’s cultural history,” the organizers said.

The mini-festival will show two films a day. Sept. 11 will open with the screening of “El Clown” (2006) directed by Pedro Adorno and Emilio Rodriguez, followed by “Talento de Barrio” (2008) by Jose Ivan Santiago.

To be presented on Sept. 12 will be El Cimarron (2006) by Ivan Dariel Ortiz and “Party Time,” directed by movie critic Juanma Fernandez Paris.

The movie sample will wind up Sept. 13 with the showing of “Cayo” (2005) by Vicente Juarbe and “Las Vacas con Gafas” (2014) directed by Alex Santiago and starring veteran Puerto Rican actor Daniel Lugo.

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