Cannonball Artist-in-Residence Christopher Cozier on Empathy and Caribbean Art

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Last week, Cannonball Artist-in-Residence Christopher Cozier led a public talk titled “Actions Between Territories” at the residency program of Cannonball—a nonprofit arts organization in Miami, Florida. Dana de Greff reviews(see excerpts here):


Cozier, an artist, writer, and curator living and working in Trinidad, is part of the Residency Program of Cannonball — a nonprofit arts organization in Miami that, “offers dedicated time, space, resources, and technical/administrative support to conduct research, produce new work, and engage the community about issues at stake in this region.”

[. . .] Currently, he has exhibitions in the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University, and a show in Costa Rica entitled “Entanglements,” which is part of his current research project on oil economies. Locally, you can find his work at the Betsy Hotel.

“What I look for a lot of time [in my work] is empathy,” Cozier said. “I’m just using a different vocabulary. One of the weirdest things about artists like myself is that people don’t see my work as Caribbean in the Caribbean.”

For more information, see

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