Mémorial ACTe Guadeloupe Presents Wozan Monza’s Gwo ka


Mémorial ACTe Guadeloupe presents a leading master of Guadeloupe’s Gwo ka, Wozan Monza. He will be in concert with fellow musicians at Mémorial ACTe (Rue Raspail, Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe).

Description: From the ranks of the sons of resistance fighters, Wozan Monza is a voice of Gwo ka in Guadeloupe, as his latest album “rExistans” evinced. A committed artist, he proposes a universe at the junction of Ka, blues and jazz. In concert at Mémorial ACTe, he takes us to melodic banks marked with the rhythm of Guadeloupean sounds. His music is a force in the image of this archipelago-in-motion. He will be accompanied by Dave Martial, Jacques Marie-Basse (keyboard), Gilbert Coco (guitar), Willy Jean (bass), Claude Kiavué (bass and drums), José Belrose (drums), Eric Danquin (drums), Gérard Monza (chorus), among others, offering a not-to-be-missed rendezvous around a musical kaleidoscope that will follow the trajectory of the Gwo ka matrix passing through the Boula guèl of with the tanbou Gwo siwo a mass Bastè, while exploring the work on the evolving Gwo Ka, complete with harmonic instruments.

For more information, see Mémorial ACTe’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/868629849838764/

For tickets, see http://tickets.allmol.com/fr/concerts/wozan_monza_en_concert_au_memorial_acte/?trackid=CMACTE

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