Tropical Storm Erika causes devastating flooding in Dominica


Tropical Storm Erika may be weak, with sustained winds of just 50 miles per hour, but, in the Caribbean, heavy rains from the storm have been wreaking havoc on Dominica. Jessica Eggert reports:

Powerful, slow-moving thunderstorms associated with Tropical Storm Erika caused damaging flooding in Dominica on Thursday, triggering landslides that have destroyed at least 20 homes. Authorities are looking for at least five missing people.

A video posted on Instagram Thursday morning shows the severity of the flash flooding, as floodwaters practically swallow a house while piercing screams are heard in the background.

Radar estimates showed that the island has received at least six inches of rain in six hours. “The situation is grim. It is dangerous,” said Ian Pinard, Dominica’s communications minister.

About 80% of the island was without electricity, and water supply was cut off, authorities said. The main airport was closed due to flooding. Acting Prime Minister Rayburn Blackmoore asked people to remain calm and stay indoors. “Do not go sightseeing,” he said. “The situation is very dangerous.”

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