Green Turtle Cay’s Haunting Loyalist Sculpture Garden


In “Uncommon Attraction: Green Turtle Cay’s Haunting Loyalist Sculpture Garden,” Steve Bennett, editor of Uncommon Caribbean, explains the “uncommon history about the founding fathers of the tiny island of Green Turtle Cay in the Abaco District of The Bahamas.” As he points out, this version “runs counter to the conventional history of the American Revolution most of us grew up learning in schools across the U.S.” A very interesting read! Here are excerpts.

Here, as elsewhere in other similarly small and remote corners of The Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos, groups of American Colonists largely forgotten in my old American History textbooks fled the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, firmly rejecting the Stars and Stripes in favor of the Union Jack.

Fittingly, these folks are known as Loyalists, since they wished to remain loyal to King and country back in England. What little I was ever taught of them in American History class certainly avoided much of what can learned about them here at the Loyalist Sculpture Garden in New Plymouth. During an early-summer visit to Green Turtle with my wife last year, we got a read and, in some ways, feel their side of the story. It’s not a happy tale, at least not as it relates to their treatment at the hands of the victorious Americans following the Revolution.

[. . .] The two female statues in the lead photo above are meant to symbolize a hopeful new beginning in The Bahamas for these persecuted former Americans – a young black girl with a conch shell, a symbol so strongly identified with The Bahamas, flanked by a young white girl holding aloft the Union Jack, billowing proudly in the breeze. [. . .]

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