Call for Papers: Caribbean/Jewish Intersections in (Post)Colonial Literary and Print Cultures


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Call for Papers: Caribbean/Jewish Intersections in (Post)Colonial Literary and Print Cultures

From the organizers:

We are soliciting papers for the upcoming American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) conference at Harvard University, March 17-20, 2016. Submission information and conference details can be found on the ACLA website:

This seminar explores Caribbean/Jewish intersections in historical and contemporary literary and print cultures. Discussions of Black-Jewish literary relations have largely been centered on the United States. Our seminar identifies the Caribbean as an important yet neglected alternative site in which to anchor and reframe such discussions. While the longstanding presence of Sephardic Jews in the Caribbean has recently been addressed by historians of the Jewish Atlantic, the significant body of colonial and postcolonial literature and print culture that articulates Sephardic and Ashkenazi links to the Caribbean calls for further analysis. Equally, the circulation of Holocaust memory in Caribbean literature as well as the presence of the Caribbean in Holocaust writing have been little discussed. Such literary representations reflect both the historical convergence of African and Jewish diasporic populations in the Caribbean region since the seventeenth century and the symbolic resonances between or among Black and Jewish cultural narratives of oppression, migration, and survival.

We invite paper submissions that address Caribbean/Jewish literary intersections from any historical period, nation, or linguistic perspective. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Early modern Sephardic/Converso/Marrano literary production in the Caribbean
  • Caribbean Jewish creolization
  • Representations of Jewishness and the Caribbean in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literary and print culture
  • Travel narratives of European Jews who journeyed to the colonial and postcolonial Caribbean
  • Caribbean authors of Jewish descent, both colonial and postcolonial (H.G. De Lisser, Anna Ruth Henriques, Aurora Levins Morales, Achy Obejas, Cynthia McLeod)
  • Jewishness in Caribbean literature and print culture
  • Caribbean/Jewish collaborations and couplings (e.g. Simone and André Schwarz-Bart, Michelle Cliff and Adrienne Rich)
  • Caribbean/Jewish intertextuality
  • Memoirs of Holocaust refugees who found safe haven in the Caribbean
  • Holocaust influences on Caribbean writers
  • Developments in genre, style, and literary form in writing by/about Jewish Caribbean diasporas, migrations, or sites of belonging

Paper submissions can be submitted through the ACLA portal from September 1-23, 2015.

For further information or questions please contact both seminar organizers: Sarah Casteel and Heidi Kaufman

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