“Cuba Libre”: A Cuban perspective on the Spanish-American War


The film Cuba Libre, directed by filmmaker Jorge Luis Sánchez (El Benny) is being shot in Ceiba del Agua, near Havana. Someone, who will not be named here, referred to the trailer below as a glorified rum and Coke commercial (and I can see why); let’s hope the final product goes far beyond that. [There seems to be another film, with the same title, about to be released this year. It is directed by Robert Crombie. More about this one later.]  

About Sánchez’s Cuba Libre, Cecilia Crespo (OnCuba) writes: “A vintage story, narrated from the perspective of two children, is in summary the plot of the film, the main locations are located in the present province of Mayabeque as well as some areas of the capital, including the Morro Castle. In the words of its director and writer ‘Cuba Libre is [about] the exit of Spain and the entry of the United States to the island in 1898.’”

See the first trailer of this forthcoming ICAIC production below; dates of premiere and release are yet to be confirmed.

For more information, see http://oncubamagazine.com/culture/jorge-luis-sanchez-we-cubans-shoot-because-we-believe-in-film-as-art/, http://peru.com/entretenimiento/cine/cuba-libre-cineasta-rueda-pelicula-sobre-guerra-hispano-cubano-noticia-262013, http://www.havana-live.es/2014/06/25/finalizan-en-la-habana-filme-sobre-guerra-hispano-cubano-norteamericana.html and http://www.cubasi.cu/cubasi-noticias-cuba-mundo-ultima-hora/item/29117-en-tierras-de-cuba-libre-una-nueva-pelicula-cubana

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