T&T film continues to resonate with audiences across the world

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The feature length documentary “Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution”, directed and produced by Bruce Paddington, continues to resonate with audiences across the Caribbean, the Diaspora and internationally at venues like the British Library, the British Film Institute, the ReelWorld Film Festival, Toronto and the Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles.

The film was produced by a talented team of dedicated professionals – Princess Donelan (producer Grenada), Luke Paddington (co-Director/editor) and Oliver Milne (camera), along with the generous involvement of the people of Grenada, especially those who lived through the period. The film includes testimonies from witnesses at the killings and never before seen archive footage.


In recognising the passions and commitment of colleague who made the film possible, Paddington also expressed his pleasure with its ongoing success:

“it was always designed to be an educational project, to tell the story of this exciting, yet tragic period to as many people as possible, to those who lived during that critical time, but especially to young people who deserve to know more about this important episode in the history of the Caribbean”.

Paddington continues to get requests for screenings from around the world.

The film was made possible through the support from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine; FLOW; the Fundashon Bon Intenshon, Curacao and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company.

For further information on the film, please contact bruce.paddington@gmail.com

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