Public Art: “Cromática, Caguas a Color”


The 80grados article “Cromática, Caguas a Color” reminds us that today marks the beginning of an exciting project directed by artist Sofia Maldonado. “Cromática, Caguas a Color” gathers a group of Puerto Rican artists who aim to revitalize various abandoned buildings around the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico, through their artwork. The initiative is a collaboration between six local artists: Sofía Maldonado, Omar Torres Calvo, Guillermo Rodríguez, Javier & Jaime Suárez, Quintín Rivera-Toro—and students from Columbia Central University. The project will be open to the public for five consecutive Saturdays, starting today, August 15, until September 12, from 12:00 noon.

[. . .] The project headquarters will be the piece entitled “Kalaña” by Sofia Maldonado. “Kalaña” is an expanded painting covering roofs, walls, and floors inside and outside the Angora building (previously the site of La Reina) in the Savarona neighborhood. With this project, the building will become an art piece in which several educational workshops, documentary screenings, lectures, musical performances and tours will be held.

As part of the proposals for “Cromática, Caguas a Color,” artist Omar Torres-Calvo’s “Sobrearquitectura”—located in the in the former post office site—makes reference to the security patterns inside mailing envelopes. In Torres-Calvo’s work, these graphic elements are placed in dialogue with the architectural design of the building.

Guillermo Rodríguez presents “Fachada/Cianómetro (Caguas),” a project that will turn the entire facade of a building into a large-scale cyanometer. This project—susceptible to the changing hues of the sky, as was the 18th century instrument—will involve viewers with the sensitive, luminic reality of their environment.

The brothers Javier and Jaime Suárez will create “Para Los Pájaros,” an ephemeral work created with seeds in the middle of the Caguas town square. At the conclusion of this creative action, it will fade and dissolve as the artistic gesture is consumed by the area’s birds.

Quintín Rivera-Toro  will present a public large-scale painting of the 2015 series entitled “Sin Señal.” The artist works the idea of being without signal, documenting a formal exercise in times of intellectual paralysis and creative blockage. [. . .]

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